Over the years, Chrissy has spent much of her time growing up enjoying Country Music with her family. Going line dancing, attending concerts. Camping out in line for George Strait tickets in the freezing cold.
She would like to share some of her memories of those experiences here.
Camping out for George Strait tickets in the freezing cold in Chicago at Soldier Field was worth the wait.
We got front row center!
Chrissy & George Strait Jan. 2003
Chrissy & Mike 1998
Chrissy met with Chad at a concert that took place near  her home on August 3, 2003. This was the last concert she attended.
Chad knew of Chrissy's illness early during her battle and has called to chat with her and offer his help.
He genuinely cared about Chrissy.
When he heard about Chrissy's passing away he wrote the following.....

"My heart is broken today, I can't put to words how truly sorry I am for your loss. I can remember on the 3rd of august that wonderful smile and the new boyfriend we talked about outside the bus. God has a new Angel, one with no pain and dancing to the music she loved so much. We will miss you my sweet, until the day we shall see you again. God Bless Chad Brock "
(Guestbook entry - Saturday, 11/15/03,)
Chrissy, Mom & Brad Paisley. Sept 2002Chrissy & Joe Diffie Oct. 1992Chrissy & Ty Herndon July 1999Chrissy & Elaine at Country Thunder July 2001Chrissy & Wes Hightower May 2001Chrissy & Brad Paisley Sept 2002Chrissy & Kimberly Williams Sept 2002Chrissy & Friends with Montgomery Gentry July 2000Chrissy & Mark Chesnut 1995Chrissy & Dana at George Strait concert Feb. 2003Chrissy at George Strait concert 1998Country Thunder July 2000Chrissy & Chad Brock Aug. 2003Chrissy's sister, Brittany & cousin Kathy. Country Thunder 2001Chrissy's Mom & George Strait. March 1997Chrissy & Mike camping out for George Strait tickets at Soldier Field March 1998Country Thunder July 2001Country Thunder 2001. Chrissy, Aunt Cheryly and ccousin BethChrissy & George Strait Jan. 2003Chrissy & Mom, Country Thunder 1999Tom Foote, Dana, Wes Hightower & Chrissy. After George Strait concert Feb 2003Chrissy & Wes Hightower Feb 2003Chrissy & Wes Hightower Jan 2003Chrissy & Mike's Mom Angel at George Strait concert Jan 2003Chrissy & Mike at George Strait concert 1998Chrissy's Dad & cousin Beth at George Strait concert 1998Chrissy at George Strait concert 1998Chrissy & Mike at George Strait concert 1998Chrissy in MN at George Strait concert 1998Chrissy Dad & Danni Leigh 2001Chrissy in Cincy 2000 camping out for George Strait tickets