Chrissy and family went to Disney World early in Dec. 2002  We spent 5 days in Disney World and then we went to Fort Myers Beach for a relaxing 3 days. Chrissy celebrated her 22nd. birthday while at Universal Studios. Nine family members traveled to Florida with Chrissy, her sister Brittany, parents Chris & Bob, Chrissy's cousins Sarah, Kathy, Tania and her children Alex & Megan. We created many wonderful memories there that we will cherish for the rest of our lives. We then returned to Florida in May 2003. Chrissy's Oma & Opa, Mom & Dad, sister Brittany, Uncle Ron & Aunt Sue, cousins David, Nick, Simeon & Beth all accompiened Chrissy
Universal Studios 2002
Fort Myers Beach 2002
Disneyworld 2002
Disneyworld 2003
Fort Myers Beach 2003