Name: Christine Roberta Pawlowski

Date of Birth: December 2, 1980

Time of Birth: 7:06 PM

Place of Birth: Chicago, IL

Weight at Birth: 6lbs 14 oz.

Nickname: Chrissy, Christinie Jelly Beannie

Nickname she hated the most: Sheep Dog, a boy in high school called her that because she had long hair. (he must have liked her)

Hair color: Brown with natural auburn highlights

Eye color: Green but sometimes they would look gray or blue

Height: 5'3"

Weight: 110

Siblings: Younger sister, Brittany

Cousins: Beth, Sarah, Simeon, Lucas, Anna, Kathy, Mary, Eric, Tania, BJ, Adam, Blake, Jenny, Margie, Ray, Mike, Steven, Amanda, Rachel, Stephanie, Kristen, Kelly, Matthew, Mark, Nicole, Cassandra, Taiisa, Christina, Rebecca, David, Nick, Christopher, Ryan, Eric, Joshua, Jessica, Caitlyn, Alex, Megan, Nathan, Faith, Eleanor, Charlotte. These are cousins that were born after Chrissy passed away Angelina (Angel),, Shaylee, James, Elija, Gracie, Madison, Violet, Alivia, Lucy, Logan, Grayson, Joshua, Brookelyn, Gwenneth, Genevieve, Charlie, Juliet, Olivia, Audrey, Alina, Antoine, Maxwell, Chloe, Sophie, Dominic, Kylie, Evelyn, Lydia, Elaine

Aunts & Uncles: Earl, Terry, Kathy, Bill, Mary, Ray, Tom, Lisa, Greg, 
Kim, Darline, Norb, Al, Tina, Ron, Sue, Larry, Lisa

Grand Parents: Oma (Darline), Opa (Sigfried), Grandpa (Earl) RIP 2-17-09 , Bobka (Jane) RIP 11-17-2013

Boyfriend: Brian

First love: Mike

Other boyfriends: Brandon, Mark

First Kiss: A Boy named Keith, that she met at Yogi Bear campground. We later found out that he died on his 21st birthday.

Favorite Colors: Purple & Green

Tattoos: None, but she wanted to get one on her ankle of a charm bracelet with significant charms of her life

What she liked most about herself: Her hair

What she didn't like about herself: Her short fingers & toes

Childhood Friends: Dana, Sara, Christina & Andrea

Best Friends: Dana, Stephanie & Sara, and her cousins.

Schools: Freeman Elementary, Washington JHS, West Aurora HS, Waubonsee Community College, Paramedic EMT.

First Job: Randall Drugs. Owned by Ron & Renee, who were so very kind to her and were always there for her throughout her illness.

Jobs she worked: Randall Drugs, Colonial Drugs, Hallmark, Portillos, Bull Dogs, Waubonsee Community College, Star Ambulance Dispatch, Ridge Ambulance, Harry's Bar & Grill. Transact, TCF Bank, A-1 Farms, Blackberry Farms (volunteer work while she was ill)

Favorite Singers: Jimmy Buffet, George Strait, Tim McGraw, Elvis and many more.

First Concert: New Kids On The Block, when she was 9 years old she went with her friend Dana

Performer she saw the most: George Strait & Tim McGraw 6 times

Favorite Songs: Oldies, Carried Away (George Strait), Neon Moon (Brooks & Dunn) Shout, Songs from Grease and other movie sound tracks. She also loved the traditional wedding reception songs Shout & The Chicken Dance

Famous people she met: George Strait, Montgomery Gentry, Ty Herndon,  Joe Diffie, Brad Paisley, Mark Chesnutt, Chad Brock, Kimberly Williams, David Ball

Favorite Drinks: Pepsi, Vanilla milk shakes

Favorite alcohol drinks: Amaretto stone sour

Favorite Actors: Mel Gibson, Matthew McConaughey. It was her dream to go to the Acadamy Awards and sit between them

Favorite Dancer: Gene Kelly

Favorite Topics: Friends, Fire Department, 

Favorite games: Euchre, Pictionary, charades

Favorite Sayings: "It's 11:11 make a wish" "Oh My God!" " No, no, no, no, no, no, no."

What we would tease her about the most: Which way is east

What she would like to tease other people about: Make them believe that they had to change the air in their tires from summer to winter

Favorite Lines from a movie: The Muppet Movie "Bear Left, Right Frog... That's cute"

Favorite Magazines: People, Us, Country Weekly

Favorite Animals: All of God's creatures. When she was a child, she picked up an earthworm and gave it a ride on her swing.

Favorite Pets: Cricket (cocker spaniel), Cleo (black lab), Jordan (poodle), Bluebeard (cat), Annabell (Saint Bernard) 

Favorite Restaurants: Taco Bell,  Portillo's, Burghoff's, Shan Li's

Favorite Foods: grilled stuffed steak burrito, easy on the bean plus sour cream & mild sauce, hot dog with everything, fires with ranch dressing, Chicken with Yoshida sauce, rice, Hamburger Helper, Chinese food

Foods she wouldn't eat: Turkey (they were her friends), McDonalds

Favorite Candy: Snickers, Sweet Tart suckers

Favorite flavor ice cream: Pralines & Cream, Turtle Sundae lots of caramel

Favorite fruit: Cherries

Favorite vegetable: Green beans

Favorite things to do with Dad:  When she was a child she would stay up and watch Dr. Who with her Dad. When she was a teen she would go line dancing with her Dad every Friday night at the American Legion. It was their date night.

Favorite things to do with Mom: Camp out in line for George Strait tickets, go to concerts, go shopping. Go for late night drives in the country. When she was a child, Chrissy & her Mom would lay in bed together while Mom would shine a little flashlight and Chrissy would pretend it was Tinkerbell and talk to her. She would also pretend that her bed was magic and take her places that were far away, like Disneyland. 

Favorite things to do with her Sister: Go to the Mall, , bring lost animals home, complain about parents, do make-up on each other, make a tent in the livingroom and watch scary movies, fight.

Favorite TV Shows: Angel, Dawsons Creek, General Hospital, Charmed, Magnum PI, Quantum Leap, The Cosby's. She liked to watch dance compition on TV when she was younger and knew she wanted to be a dancer when she grew up.

Favorite Movies: Top Gun, Backdraft, How to Loose a Guy in Ten Days, Return To Me. Muppet Movies, The Sound of Music, Blue Hawaii, Twister, Mary Poppins, Brigadoon, Grease, Dirty Dancing.

Favorite Movies as a child:. Mary Poppins, Electric Granndma

Favorite Vacations: Pentwater Michigan with the whole family to Smerts Resort, Disneyland & Disney World. Going to the family cottage in Elkhorn wi. Going camping at Yogi Bear in Amboy.

Favorite Childhood Toys: Strawberry Shortcake, Care Bears, Rose Petal, Barbie Dolls.

Childhood Toys She Didn't Like: Clowns, A Talking Doll called Baby Secrets. She said it gave her nightmares. It wispered " I hope all your dreams come true"

Favorite Stuffed Animal: A bear named, Norman

Favorite Cartoons: Sponge Bob

Favorite Slippers:  Duck slippers she named Henry & Quackers 

Favorite Disney Characters: Winnie the Pooh & Tigger

Favorite Muppets: Kermit & Fozzie

Favorite Jokes: The monkey joke & the duck joke her Dad would tell. It made her laugh every time. 

Her Dreams: To find a good husband, find a good job and at least have one child. She loved children.

Favorite Things to collect: Disney pins, Toys from her childhood, Fire Dept. items, EMT items, T-shirts. Movie theater stubs.  Holy Bears, Beads, mugs from restaurants, keepsakes of everything she did.

Favorite Hobbies: Scrapbooking, beading jewelry, crochet, dancing, witting in journals.

Favorite Holidays: Halloween, she would dress up every year even when she got older. Going to Yogi Bear campground for the Halloween weekend. 

Favorite Flowers: Roses, Daisies 

Favorite Foods to Cook: Polish sausage with onions & green peppers, noodles. Hamburger Helper, Puppy Chow she would make for her botfriend Mike.

Favorite things to do during a storm: Play the movie, Twister, light candles when the electric went out. 

Favorite books: Christopher Pike, Baby Sitter's Club, Choose Your own Adventure books

What she liked most about Christmas: Buying presents for everyone and wrapping them. Decorating the tree. She had lots of Christmas presents for people that she already had wrapped before she died. It was very emotional when we gave these to chosen people that Christmas.

Favorite Season: Summer

Favorite Stores to Shop: Express, The Limited, Abercrombie, Charlotte Rouse. Walmart

Favorite things to buy: underwear, jeans, tops, presents.

Things She did not Like: Computers (except for shopping on E-Bay)

Favorite Perfumes: Jovan White Musk, Ici, Hollister Unisex

Favorite things to do with family: Vacation in Michigan, go to the Cottage, camping at Yogi Bear.

Favorite things to do with friends: Go to Suzy's, go to the Rock, hang out at friends house, Rodeos, truck pulls, mudding with her truck, the Sandwich Fair, Country Thunder, concerts, target shooting, shopping

Favorite things to do with cousins: Outdoor theaters, movies, stay at Oma's house and make cookies. Stay overnight at cousins over the  holidays for the Cousins Club, Taste of Chicago

Favorite things she would do by herself: Tanning, crossword puzzles, scapbooking,   color in a coloring book,  write in her journal, Visit the cemetery where her friend Joel is buried. Drive to our summer cottage in winter to see what it looked like with snow. 

People she admired the most: Her Oma (Grandma), her Father, she could always count on him for the right answers. Her cousin Tania who was more like a big sister.  

People who always made her laugh: Her Father, she laughed at all his jokes. Her cousin, Adam, especially when he did the hot-dog man. Chrissy said that Mom was only funny when I didn't try to be. When I tried to be funny she said I was a dork.

Funny things she would do: Sleep with a blanket over her head. Dance to the music while sitting in the car. Put our Cocker Spaniel's ears in a scrunchie while drinking water so her ears wouldn't get wet

Special things that she did: When we would go to the cemetery to visit family graves, Chrissy would walk around and place flowers on the graves of children who have been long forgotten. 
Chrissy would look for expired parking meters & put  quarters in them so people she didn't even know wouldn't get a ticket.

Things that would annoy her: When her Mom would two way her on her Nextel phone to see what she was doing. Parents being over protective. When her sister, Brittany would talk back to parents.

Things she was afraid of: getting a brain tumor ever since she was a small child, war, tornadoes, flying.

Her most treasured possessions: Her 1994 Ford Explorer, photographs, childhood toys, scrapbooks

What she said when she learned she had a brain tumor & was going to die: When I die and go to heaven will I be able to dance again? and can I dance with Gene Kelly?
Chrissy asked if she could be buried next to her friend Joel who was killed in a car accident in 1999.  We honored that wish. Chrissy also named her brain tumor. She called it DICK

What she will be remembered most for: Her bright smile and sense of humor. Her courage & strength and positive attitude, Always wanting to help others, never complaining about her illness or asking WHY ME, she accepted it and never pitied herself  and lived her life to the fullest.

Who is Chrissy