This page is dedicated to my grandparents
"Mary & Otto Schumann"
They built their cottage in the 1920's. It has been enjoyed by six generations and has always been a very special place for family to retreat to and leave their worries behind. Special care has been taken so that it remains nostalgic. A lot of good memories there. I would like to share some of those with you here and family can share some of your memories too by signing the guestbook.
This Guest Book is for
the family
to write about their
cottage memories
Chrissy July 2000
On the right is Chrissy's Mom as a little girl on the same swing.
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Chrissy's favorite place to retreat to was our family cottage built by her great grandparents.
She felt is was enchanted.
This is where we could all go to and forget our troubles.
On her way to the Cottage June 2002Margie, Brittany, Chrissy & Dad & Aunt Cheryl June 2002Get Ready, Get Set........Goooo.... Brittany, Chrissy & Adam July 2000July 1999Uncle Ron & Great Grandma Mary SchumannJuly 2000Chrissy's Mom as a little girl on same swingChrissy with Margaret & Eleanor 2002Chrissy's Mom & Aunt DarlineChrissy & cousin Tyler, Sept. 2000Chrissy, Aunt Mary & Eleanor June 2002Chrissy & boyfriend, Brian Aug 2003Brittany's 18th Birthday with Uncle Ron & cousins Morgan, Suzanne, & MarleneOma's Birthday Sept 1999Chrissy & Brittany with cousins Simeon & Kathy at Lake Wandawega July 2001Chrissy at Lake Wandawega July 2001Great Grandma Schumann, Unvle Ron & Uncle Al